Hanganak Visited Aghavnadzor Again to Support the Beneficiaries

The fate of 31 out of 320 beneficiaries of “Hanganak” NGO is still unknown. However, the search continues.

Since early November, the organization has begun providing the financial assistance. To date, about 71 % of the identified beneficiaries have received the amount allocated to them.

On Monday, the representatives of Hanganak NGO met with the officials of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. During the meeting, a number of issues were discussed, which mostly remained unanswered. In fact the provision of financial assistance through Haypost to those beneficiaries who do not have bank cards was rejected. Another request for written permission to visit Hanganak beneficiaries living in state-run shelters (residential homes, nursing homes) was also not granted, referring to the fact that only family members can visit them.

The Aghavnadzor nursing home continues to remain in the spotlight of the Hanganak NGO, since many forcibly displaced people of Artsakh ended up there, including 21 Hanganak beneficiaries. During the meeting, we were informed that the accommodation was arranged at the base building of the State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan in Agavnadzor and it was a temporary shelter. About 130 of the initial 200 residents are left, and at the end of November, all the remaining residents will also be resettled. This information forced Hanganak officials to make an urgent decision to personally hand the money to the beneficiaries living in Aghavnadzor, although the ministry did not give its permission to visit them.

It is worth to note that only 5 of our 21 beneficiaries living in Aghavnadzor received the 100.000 AMD allocated by the government. Others are still waiting for this, just as they are waiting for promised pensions. Needless to mention how important this amount is to the beneficiaries at the moment.

On November 14th, Hanganak went to Agavnadzor. We weren’t allowed to pass through the gate, but that didn’t stop us inviting the beneficiaries outside and doing our job. The most active beneficiaries handed the money to the four bedridden beneficiaries.

See the details of our visit to Aghavnadzor in the photo gallery.


 If anyone has information about lonely elderly people of Artsakh, please contact the responsible employees of Hanganak by phone 097 770 900, 097 201 125 or 093 248 087.