Hanganak visited Askeran for the first time in 2023

On January 18, 2023, the Hanganak team made a long-awaited visit to Askeran. Considering the lack of fuel for transport, it was decided to wait for the medicines to arrive in order to deliver them simultaneously with the food assistance. During this period, Hanganak also received hygiene items through humanitarian means, so beneficiaries from Askeran were expected to receive triple help: food, medicine and hygiene items.

Some of Askeran beneficiaries personally visited the Hanganak office last week to receive their food assistance. This week, the heads of villages were informed that due to the large amount of humanitarian cargo, it would be impossible to deliver it to Askeran by the organization’s car. So the village heads of Patara, Khantsk, Noragyugh and Aygestan received food, medicine and hygiene items for their elderly villagers from the Stepanakert office.

On the morning of January 18, Hanganak’s staff prepared assistance to deliver to the 15 beneficiaries of the region. In addition to 11 beneficiaries of Askeran town, 2 beneficiaries from Khnapat and 2 from Tsakhkashat were also taken into account, for whom Tatul Shekyan, an employee of the organization responsible for Askeran district, should organize the delivery.

Most of Askeran’s beneficiaries received their assistance from the Askeran office. On the same day, Tatul Shekyan delivered the necessary assistance to the rest of the beneficiaries.