Hanganak visits Askeran for the second time in October

As we informed in previous reports, international organizations provided emergency food to the beneficiaries. This distribution was delivered to Askeran beneficiaries only in October, and it was followed by the monthly food provision of October as the financial assistance from the Armenian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) was already available.

As already mentioned, international organizations provided a large amount of food, so, it was decided to give preference to protein foods and distribute them in a small amount, but with a high nutritional value.

During last week most of Stepanakert beneficiaries received their packages, and today the aid was delivered to the beneficiaries of Askeran.

The beneficiaries, gathered at Askeran’s office, were actively talking and joking loudly. They warmly greeted the staff of the organization. It was a nice warm autumn weather.

As always, before entering the office they took a group photo, then came in one by one and received their packages, some of them received also their medicine.

The heads of Noragyugh, Khnapat and Tsaghkashat villages were provided with food first, as they still had work to do in the Regional Administration. The beneficiaries were not in a hurry to leave after receiving the packages, so they stayed and enjoyed the autumn day and the pleasant environment.

After finishing the work in Askeran, the team also visited Aygestan to provide food and medicine to two more beneficiaries.