Hanganak will continue its activities in Armenia

The massive exodus of the Armenian population from Nagorno-Karabakh was not voluntary. It happened as a result of the latest military operation by Baku, and the population of Artsakh made this choice under the threat of the use of force.

Within a week, more than 100 thousand people left their place of permanent residence – their Motherland, where their ancestors had lived for thousands of years, including the staff of the Hanganak NGO and lonely elderly beneficiaries under the care of the organization.

Today, more than 300 Hanganak beneficiaries are scattered across Armenia, where they were deployed from the reception centers  in Armenia, but we intend to find them to provide primary assistance within our means.

To this end, on October 3, the team of Hanganak held its first meeting in Armenia, at which a unanimous decision was made to continue the activities of the organization: to determine the location of 320 evacuated beneficiaries on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, conduct an initial needs assessment and, if possible, cover as many of them as possible in its ongoing and subsequent projects.

At the moment, the names and locations of more than 100 beneficiaries of the organization are known. If anyone has any information about lonely elderly citizens of Artsakh, please contact the responsible employee of Hanganak by phone 097770900, 097201125 or 093248087.