Hanganak’s Regular Visit to the Lori Region

Our trip started with a visit to the village of Arjahovit in the Lori region, followed by stops in Arjut, Shahumyan, and the cities of Vanadzor and Alaverdi, before returning to Yerevan late in the evening. Our experiences were a mix of emotions. In Arjahovit, we met with our beneficiary Tikin A., who is originally from the village of Tumi in the Hadrut region. After 2020, she ended up in Stepanakert and became a beneficiary of Hanganak. Then, after the mass exodus of the population of Artsakh in September 2023, she ended up in Arjahovit, where she joined the large family of her nephew.

After the occupation of Hadrut at the end of 2020, this delightful family relocated to Arjahovit, when their youngest son was just three months old. Despite the challenges of managing a household, the mother of a young family with five sons and a daughter still manages to make time to give Tikin A., Hanganak’s beneficiary, her attention and care. Witnessing their well-organized and thriving household, loving family, and care was deeply inspiring.

Two beneficiaries of Hanganak, originally from the village of Shekher in the Martuni region of Artsakh, found shelter in Arjut. 70-year-old Tikin Zh-n has been caring for her 75-year-old sick sister for many years, with whom she has settled in a rented house. The house is in poor condition, but Tikin Zh-n is pleased to have a spacious garden. She maintains the garden, where she plants vegetables and berries. She mentions that she hardly spends any money on food because she obtains everything from her own garden and plans to sell any extra produce. The recent hailstorm caused extensive damage to the garden’s plantings. Tikin Zh-n, however, demonstrated resilience by promptly re-sowing everything and is currently reaping the rewards of her efforts. Upon attempting to test Tikin Zh-n’s blood glucose level, the delicate needle proved ineffective in penetrating her calloused finger, prompting the need for a replacement needle. The glucose level was found to be within the normal range, a result which Tikin Zh-n had complete confidence in. We were deeply impressed by Tikin Zh-n’s unwavering determination, a former teacher who has transitioned into the role of a gardener.

We then visited three more beneficiaries, all of whom lives alone in rented apartments. Everyone holds onto hope with unwavering faith that one day they will return to their own homes.

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