The heads of «Hanganak» NGO and Aurora office in Artsakh agreed on cooperation

On March 1, the officials of Hanganak NGO met with Narine Aghabalyan, the head of the AURORA to Artsakh program, who is in charge of the Aurora office in Artsakh.

Narine Aghabalyan has known Hanganak since the organization was founded. Back in the spring of 2005, Narine, being one of the leading journalists of the Artsakh Public Television, prepared the first large-scale TV program about the activities of the organization. More than 17 years later, our paths have crossed again, this time for business purposes. In 2021, AWWA participated in the Aurora Grant Competition and was among the 14 winners. The project must be implemented by Hanganak. There were a number of telephone discussions on this topic, and this meeting was dedicated to the practical steps of the project, from the approval of the contract to the determination of the funding schedule and the procedure for submitting further reports.

It was a very warm meeting. Narine Aghabalyan, being well aware of the problems of the people of Artsakh and the challenges people and the country are facing today, can find the most realistic and feasible programs that will foster the most effective solutions in the current conditions. Being backed with experience and knowledge in various fields, she presented all the nuances of the requirements of Aurora and the foundations in general for the effective and visible implementation of the programs. The meeting felt like a short lecture or counseling that was very inspiring and binding at the same time. She gave many examples from her experience and current projects. She presented the short yet rich history of the development of the Aurora to Artsakh program. It turned out to be a very constructive and informative conversation. The implementation of her proposed working style can become a turning point in the life of the organization.

Eventually, Narine Aghabalyan promised to visit the organization’s office in April, 2021 with the Aurora Prize-winning Congolese human rights activist Julien Lusengen.

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