Heavy Rain is not an Obstacle to the Psychological Group Session

The regular psychological group session occurred on May 16 at the organization’s office, and despite heavy rain, numerous beneficiaries attended the training. Additionally, a new participant requested nurse Naire Voskanyan to accompany her for her first visit to the office.

Before the group session began, the new participant introduced herself and provided a brief overview of her background. Hailing from Askeran, she had not previously crossed paths with other Hanganak beneficiaries. She received a warm and cordial welcome; each person felt the need for one another in a very touching and warm introduction.

Psychologist Anahit Lalayan, responding to the repeated words of gratitude that the “Empathy” Mental Health Center hosted the Hanganak and its beneficiaries under its roof with such love and care, specifically said, “…I became a specialist while working in Artsakh, with the people of Artsakh, and here, despite the many opportunities, I consider it my duty to use my professional skills to serve the people of Artsakh, who need it more than ever…”

The session was engaging as usual. The participants discussed a specific topic, which varies each time, enhancing the communication experience for everyone involved.

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