In the last AWWA-ANRC Hanganak Task Force Meeting new approaches to recent challenges were discussed

On July 23, the regular A.W.W.A. Hanganak Task Force Zoom Meeting took place. The meeting was attended by the officials of A.W.W.A. and Hanganak NGO. A number of urgent issues were discussed, including the possible overspending related to the recent rise in food and medicine prices.

The meeting started with good news. According to recent discussions, patients with diabetes need to be provided with glucometers and their corresponding strips. The test package with a glucometer and strips sent on July 9 arrived in Yerevan on July 19. However, it was not possible to send a package to Artsakh via DHL service.  So, it has been decided to use DHL postal service to send needed devices to the address in Yerevan.

A new quantitative reporting form was introduced, and it was suggested to report mortality and morbidity, as well as data on Covid-19 cases and vaccination of beneficiaries in the face of new challenges.

There were 29 displaced beneficiaries recently included in the project. Possible ways to solve the housing issue of those beneficiaries were discussed.

At the end of the meeting, one of the beneficiaries, Hranush Yengibaryan, visited Hanganak office by chance, from where Lina Grigoryan, the coordinator of the Elderly Project, participated in the task force meeting. Hranush Yengibaryan had been a professor of Russian language at Artsakh State University. She greeted the members of the A.W.W.A, told about herself and thanked them for many years of care and support.