Ira and Zamira G.

The interview took place in July 2021.

Ira was born on January 1, 1952 in Janyatagh village in the region of Martakert. Her father was a driver, her mother was a housewife. Three girls grew up in the family, Ira was the second child, Zamira was the third.

In 1956, the family moved to Uzbekistan, where the third daughter, Zamira, was born on January 10, 1957.

After graduating from school, Ira enrolled in a construction college and started working in a construction company after graduating. She worked there for more than 38 years overall, ten of which were in the HR department, and the rest in accounting.

Zamira also graduated from a construction college and worked in a construction organization for 32 years.

Ira got married, however, she got divorced in less than a year and a half without having any children. Zamira has never got married. The sisters started taking care of their mother putting aside their personal lives. Their mother had a stroke at an early age and was bedridden most of her life.

Their father died in May, and their mother died in September 2005. In 2017, the elder sister also died.

After the death of their sister, Ira and her younger sister Zamira decided to move to Artsakh in 2018. The decision was backed by the fact that they had friends here and will be surrounded by Armenians. They sold their apartment in Uzbekistan and were able to buy a one-room apartment in Stepanakert, right below the Hanganak office, which they later converted into a 2-room apartment.

In winter, the apartment is heated with electricity.

Ira has been a beneficiary of Hanganak since 2018. Zamira, retired in 2020, she is also included in the list of beneficiaries of the organization.

Ira suffers from stomach ulcer, heart failure, arthrosis, and atherosclerosis. She receives Concor 5mg N25, Cavinton forte N30, Omez N30, Phosphoglyph N30, and Metrogyl Denta from Hanganak. She does not attend the polyclinic, if necessary she visits our doctor in Hanganak. She takes the medicine prescribed in Uzbekistan mostly.

Zamira has endemic goiter, heart failure. Her gallbladder was removed in 2008. She receives Iodomarin, Concor 5mg N25, Mezym forte N20 from Hanganak.

Ira’s pension is 58,000 AMD, of which 9,400 AMD is a single pensioner’s allowance, and 4,000 AMD is provided by the ICRC, and Zamira’s pension is 50,400 AMD, of which 9,400 AMD is again a single pensioner’s allowance.

They are very satisfied with the help they receive and express their deep gratitude to the benefactors and the staff of the organization.