Julietta A.

The interview took place in February 2019.

Julietta was born on a balmy day in 1941 in a poor family in the village of Jraghatsner. There were 6 children in the family. Her childhood was difficult and miserable. She studied at Chanakhchi secondary school. At the age of 12, she had to join the collective farm to assist her family.

In 1965 Julietta moved to Stepanakert and started working in the bakery. Later she moved to the regional hospital and began to work as a technical worker.

At the age of 25 Julietta got married to a young man from Stepanakert but, unfortunately, they did not have any children. Her husband died after 22 years of marriage leaving her alone.

“Nothing has changed since the war. I would like to live fully now, however, I am not healthy enough. I live in a small flat that I received from the bakery.” Julietta says.

She joined Hanganak in 2011 thanks to her neighbour’s personal experience with the organization.

Julietta suffers from a number of diseases: heart failure, blood pressure, articular problems. The latter has affected her lifestyle and she cannot attend the events at Hanganak while she used to take part in them very actively. Hanganak provides her with the necessary medicine: Cardiomagnyl 75 mg N 30, Concor 5 mg, N 25. She visits the polyclinic very rarely.

Julietta’s pension is 44,000 AMD that is barely sufficient with the monthly provision. However, she saves a lot and is delighted to get the heating compensation that she spends on the payment of electrical heating.

She is pleased with the organization and the staff. Her nurse is very attentive and caring. She is grateful for the eye surgery she had several years ago with the help of Hanganak. Hanganak provided spectacles and she is well-sighted now.

“I am very thankful to our generous benefactors from Boston and to Gohar Hovhannisyan and her team. I am blessed to be part of Hanganak!”, Julietta says.