Julietta D.

The interview took place in December 2018.

Julietta was born in 1943 in the village of Chankatagh in a big poor family. There were eight children: six sisters and two brothers. Her father was working in a farm, her mother was taking care of the children, and performing different activities for daily payment, she was baking bread, cultivating gardens, doing the washing. At the age of six she got poliomyelitis and became physically disabled. She studied in the neighboring village until the fifth grade. Then she left school at her father’s request, as it was impossible to take her to school by donkey every day. Despite her disability and the permanent usage of cane she was farming cows in the nearest fields to support her family somehow.

At the age of 18 she moved to town to help her sister with her children. Many years later, she received a small flat from the government based on her disability where she has lived the rest of her life.

Nothing has changed in Julietta’s life before and after the war. She has bone and articular problems; she had heart problems several years ago. Her health improved after taking the Hanganak physician’s prescriptions. She considers her health condition below average. She attends the military hospital, as it is closer to her flat.

She gets her monthly medicine from Hanganak (Cardiomagnyl 75 mg N 30, Concor 5 mg N30, Voltaren Emulgel 1 pack). She does not remember when she joined Hanganak; she knows that it was long ago. Several years ago the benefactors visited her place.

Food serves until next month. She realizes the time for food provision has come when the oil bottle gets empty. She used to take part in all the events at Hanganak but she is unable to do it now because of her health condition. She heats her flat with an electrical heater. The bill for the electricity is covered partially by Hanganak.

She pays the rest from her pension, which was 37.000 AMD, it has been increased lately by International Committee of the Red Cross (50,000 AMD now).

“Marsela Sargsyan is my serving nurse who is also a sister for me. She supports me in everything. Thinking of the past, I realize that I was happy when I could go out to the nearest pavement and sell sunflowers. I could earn some extra money and communicate with people. At present Hanganak is my only support”.

“I am grateful to our benefactors for their permanent assistance. I would be glad if they could increase the compensation for heating. I am also grateful to Hanganak staff: physician, nurse, social workers who are very attentive to me. God bless them all, let them be healthy, happy and successful”, she says.