Launched a project for the early diagnosis and treatment of depression in the elderly

A.W.W.A. health team leading with Dr. Jane Mahakian and Dr. Nancy Barsamian has launched a project for Hanganak staff to increase their knowledge and skills in early diagnosis and treatment of depression in elders.

The project aims also to discuss other health issues of the elderly, particularly diabetes mellitus, as one of the most common health problems.

During one of the upcoming zoom meetings, 3 insulin-dependent patients will be discussed analyzing their disease management plan and proposing modern solutions for each of them.

Today, on June 4th, one of those three beneficiaries, Rima A., was invited to the Hanganak clinic. She is under the supervision of Dr. Kristine Ghazaryan, an endocrinologist at the City Polyclinic, and all the necessary examinations are performed at the City Polyclinic.

Rima was provided with a glycometer for personal use, but having difficulty measuring blood glucose level by herself, she visits the office.

All the results will be provided to the doctor to develop a plan for the management of Rima’s case.