Lena M.

The interview took place in September 2018.

Lena was born on December 8th, 1928 in the village of Qarin Tak, Shushi region. She received a seven-year education.

She got married at the age of 20. She did not have any children and adopted a girl who is married and has two children. She lives in Stepanakert. She lives in need.

Her husband, Arshavir M., was in hospital and he was advised to join Hanganak NGO. His wife joined the organization after his death.

They lived happily together although they could not feel the joy of maternity.

She worked for Stepanakert Winery for 35 years. She was awarded different certificates of Honour for good work. Her monthly pension is 51000 AMD that is insufficient to meet her needs.

Her cousin Karen and Hanganak NGO take care of her. She has had a hip fracture twice. She has cardiac insufficiency but she considers her health condition satisfactory. The medicine and costs for electric heating are provided by Hanganak NGO. Mrs. Lena saves a lot to avoid debts.

“I am grateful to each and every person in Hanganak. I pray for you at sunrise and sunset and I ask for longevity and continued prosperity”.