Lilit G.

The interview took place in January 2019.

Born in Kichan (March 1st, 1950), Martakert region, Lilit G. went to the local primary school and continued her further education in the neighboring village of Arajadzor. She had a joyful and careless childhood. She had great skills in singing and joined the State Ensemble as a host and singer. After two years of work Lilit entered the painting department of the Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute. Unfortunately, she did not manage to finish her studies, as she had to leave the university and return to the village to take care of her sick mother.

She was admitted to the painting faculty of the Russian Academy of Arts, distance-learning class. She moved to Stepanakert after graduation and started working at the local theatre after V. Papazyan as an artist. Artsakh Independence Movement forced the young artists and actors form a special group and tour to different border points and inspire the soldiers with songs and dancing. Lilit was among them.

Lilit did not succeed in personal life although she was always surrounded by followers. «I loved only once, he was Greek but unfortunately we did not manage to pursue our happiness».

Lilit felt socially and financially secure before the war and enjoyed everyone’s love and respect. However, things have changed after the war.                Lilit does not have an apartment. Her brother allocated a room in their parental house. She uses the room as a living room, bedroom, kitchen and even a bathroom. She uses a chargeable gas cylinder to prepare food. Her living conditions are severe.

Marieta Petrosyan, Lilit’s neighbor and a former serving physician in the NGO, told her about Hanganak. She has been Hanganak’s beneficiary since then.

Her health condition is below the average, she suffers from toxic goiter, hypertension, and high stomach acidity. She gets inpatient treatment in the hospital from time to time. The NGO provides her with the main medicine like Enalapril 20 mg N 30, No-SHPA 40 mg N30, Omeprazole 40 mg N30.

‘’I was very sad and miserable before joining Hanganak. My life has changed since then, I met new people, got rid of distracting thoughts. My life has become lively.”

She takes part actively in all the events, she is very good at singing, dancing, reciting, and therefore, she gets rewards frequently.

”I get 55000 AMD pension, the vast majority is provided by the Red Cross. I restrict myself in buying food and survive with Hanganak’s monthly provision. I am really pleased with Marsella, my nurse, who is very attentive, caring and ready to help in any situation”, says Lilit.

”I am thankful to our benefactors for their generosity and support to helpless and vulnerable people. And of course, I am grateful to Hanganak’s staff for permanent care and assistance in this dark reality.

May God bless all of you!”