Long-Awaited Meeting With Nancy Barsamian

Dr. Nancy Barsamian, responsible for the clinical projects at Hanganak, has been working with the organization’s medical staff since 2020. Under her leadership, online courses for Hanganak medical staff have been initiated based on her recommendation. Dr. Barsamian’s involvement in the Elderly Project has led to significant improvements in the services provided. As a nursing major, she has expanded the role of nurses in the project. Her lectures have inspired Hanganak’s nurses to provide their services with renewed enthusiasm, believing that their work can truly make a difference in the beneficiaries’ quality of life.

Satellite Symposium on Geriatric Palliative Care & Persons Living with Dementia: Interdisciplinary Education Program was held on July 3 within 6IMCA framework  Red more…

Nancy Barsamian was in Armenia during the blockade of Artsakh, precisely one year ago. A satellite symposium on “Geriatric palliative care and persons living with dementia,” was conducted within the framework of 6IMCA on July 3, which was moderated by Dr. Nancy Barsamian. Being responsible for the clinical part of the projects of the Hanganak NGO, she invited the medical staff of the organization to participate in the event, but due to the long-lasting blockade of Artsakh, only medical workers Elza Nersisyan and Naire Voskanyan, who had stayed in Armenia, were able to participate.

Nancy Barsamian has returned to Armenia to share her expertise with nursing students at the American University of Armenia (AUA). Eager to seize the opportunity, we met Nancy at the American University of Armenia, and it was an incredibly emotional experience, marking the first in-person meeting for many of us. Nancy assured us that she would visit the Hanganak office during her next trip to Armenia, and in the meantime, our online meetings will be ongoing.