Meeting at the FAR office

On March 15, at the Yerevan office of the FAR, a regular meeting was held with the head of FAR health programs Hambardzum Simonyan. During her visit, the AWWA Board member Margaret Kiladjian has devoted  special attention to this meeting. It is very important for her and for our compatriots in the Diaspora in general to know and understand how Armenian charitable organizations, in particular FAR, work and implement their programs  these days. First of all, this refers to the projects being implemented in Artsakh.

The president of Hanganak NGO Gohar Hovhannisyan and Margaret Kiladjian have agreed and prepared  in advance for this meeting, and in this regard their first question to Hambardzum Simonyan has been related to the FAR projects being implemented in Artsakh. In particular, Margaret Kiladjian noted that at the AWWA Board meeting it was discussed that a number of charitable organizations, including FAR, have ceased their activities in Artsakh these days.

The mission of FAR has not changed and cannot change, especially at crucial times for Artsakh, Hambardzum Simonyan replied.

Then the upcoming joint projects have been discussed, in particular, a refresher training course for Hanganak medical staff, the financing of which will be completely taken over by FAR.

In addition, Hambardzum Simonyan presented the details of a large-scale project for the development of geriatrics and gerontology, and stated that Hanganak NGO will be their partner in its implementation in Artsakh.