Meeting at the office of Aurora Foundation

On July 1, AWWA board member Margarit Kiladjian and the president of Hanganak NGO Gohar Hovhannisyan met with the financial director of the Aurora foundation Zaruhi Hayrapetyan. Let’s remind that in 2021 AWWA participated in the Aurora grant competition and appeared among the 14 best winning programs. The project should be implemented by Hanganak NGO. On this occasion, on March 1, 2022, Gohar Hovhannisyan met with Narine Aghabalyan, head of the Aurora for Artsakh project. Unfortunately, Narine Aghabalyan was in Artsakh, so Margarit Kiladjian could not meet her personally. However, she arranged the meeting in Yerevan that was very informative for Margarit Kiladjian.

Zaruhi Hayrapetyan welcomed the visitors at Baghramyan 6, where Aurora’s Yerevan office is located. Margaret Kiladjian briefly told about AWWA and the programs implemented by the organization putting special emphasis on the problems of AWWA sponsored ANRC.  Zaruhi Hayrapetyan, in her turn, presented the mission of the Aurora humanitarian initiative and the Aurora for Artsakh program. A number of issues were discussed, particularly the possibility of continuous cooperation. Gohar Hovhannisyan, in turn, told about the financial difficulties faced by Hanganak NGO related to the devaluation of the dollar and continuous inflation.

The meeting was very practical and constructive. The parties agreed that the accountant of Hanganak NGO could visit Aurora’s Yerevan office for methodological advice and assistance.