Meeting with Narine Aghabalyan

On February 8, the officials of the Hanganak non-governmental charity organization had a meeting with Narine Aghabalyan, the project manager of the Territorial Development Agency “We Are Our Mountains”. Participating in the 2021-2022 grant competition of the “Aurora for Artsakh”, the Armenian Women’s Welfare Association, Inc. (AWWA) presented the Elderly Project implemented by Hanganak, which was among the 14 best winning projects. At that time, as the head of “Aurora for Artsakh” office, Narine Aghabalyan had a meeting with the officials of the Hanganak NGO to discuss potential cooperation. It is worth noting that thanks to the grant received from “Aurora for Artsakh”, the Elderly Project was able to continue its operations during the second half of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. During that period, the Elderly Project was able to effectively provide medical, social, and psychological services, even during the blockade.

Hanganak is currently operating in Armenia following the forced displacement of the Artsakh population. Its aim is to restore all possibilities for cooperation. Narine Aghabalyan, as the project manager of the territorial development agency “We are our mountains”, is well aware of the challenges that the people of Artsakh are facing. The officials of Hanganak presented the project that they are implementing and highlighted the issues faced by the elderly, emphasizing the crucial need for social housing for them.

During the meeting, Narine Aghabalyan provided an update on the initiatives of the Territorial Development Agency “We are our mountains”. The agency is currently focusing on three key areas; providing assistance to children who have been displaced from Artsakh, supporting Artsakh craftsmen by providing the necessary tools and equipment, and offering a continuous development project for displaced youth from Artsakh. This project includes training courses and specialized programs for aspiring leaders. She also noted that a project is being prepared for Artsakh families living in rural areas, providing housing and the opportunity to engage in agriculture, livestock breeding, or milk production.

We also shared the idea of establishing social housing and the details of its activities. Opportunities for co-financing and cooperation with other institutions were noted, which will enhance the effectiveness and the quality of the services provided. She carefully analyzed the project, made suggestions to improve its presentability, and assured that it would be discussed at the upcoming agency meeting.

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