New Methods in Psychological Group Session: Mandala Therapy

Art therapy is widely used in psychology.  During the last few sessions, it also started to be applied to the beneficiaries of Hanganak NGO. As expected, the beneficiaries participated in those sessions with great willingness. Last Thursday was dedicated to the famous method of art therapy, Mandala Therapy. The doctor handed out ready-made mandala diagrams, pencils to the participants and offered to color them. It is important to complete the task during one session, because in the next session the diagram will be completely different, depending on the state of mind of the participant.

The word Mandala comes from Sanskrit, which means a Circle or Center. Since ancient times, it has symbolized the harmony of man with the Universe. A mandala is a circle decorated with images.

A number of psychological problems can be solved at a deep level with the help of mandala therapy. Mandala unlocks the inner hidden resources of a person and it is possible to restore his inner integrity. And the most interesting thing is that it all happens naturally and smoothly. After establishing contact with one’s own inner essence through the mandala, unresolved issues and problems smoothly pass from the unconscious into consciousness. So, with the help of mandala therapy, you can see a number of unresolved issues and fully realize them.

You can draw mandalas or just color ready-made ones. In this case, the psychologist suggested coloring ready-made mandalas. To the sound of soft piano music, the participants started to color their pictures and talk in a low voice. It was obvious, that the session really had a therapeutic effect on them. At the end, the doctor collected the pictures and carefully arranged in her folder, promising that they would discuss the mandalas at the next session.

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