Nina M-n.

The interview took place in December, 2019

Nina was born in 1948 in the village of Skhtorashen, Martuni region, in the family of a worker. There were 6 children in the family: a boy and 5 girls. Nina was the fourth child. The family moved to Central Asia in 1951, when Nina was three years old. However, the family finally decided and moved to Stepanakert in 1962 being unable to adapt to the foreign environment. Nina continued her education at school # 3 in Stepanakert and then moved to a boarding school from the 9th grade. She worked in the post office as a postwoman in parallel. She graduated from Baku Communication College after school. Nina entered the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in Baku in 1973, the division of distance learning. In parallel she continued working in the local post office as a deputy director. Nevertheless, she had to leave her studies and work and return to Stepanakert in 1974 to take care of her sick mother.

Nina’s personal life has not been successful.

She worked at the National Security Service of Artsakh from 1974-1996, and at the Military Commissariat of Stepanakert from 1998-2002. She retired from the Commissariat in 2002.

She receives a monthly pension of 63,000 AMD.

Nina lives in a single-room apartment which is heated by an electrical heater. Nina pays the bill with the heat compensation amount and her pension.

She joined Hanganak in 2011.

She considers her health condition below average, she has hypertension. Hanganak provides her with Captopril 50 mg N20, Concor 5 mg N25, Cardiomagnyl 75 mg N30. Hanganak’s food provision is sufficient for the whole month.

She is very grateful to the entire staff and her nurse Elza Nersisyan.

She expresses her special gratitude to the benefactors who are able to reach out for help and make their lives much easier.


P.S. We were recently asked to count how many beneficiaries we have had since 2004. It is just a matter of counting for some people: a quantitative assessment of our work … you count the losses and add the number of beneficiaries present and the number of beneficiaries is complete, whereas it is a manifestation of human lives and memories for us… stories that will remain in our memory, the stories of our big family members. Eventually, when one of our large family members leaves according to the law of life, our employees are among the few people to say goodbye and pray for the salvation of their souls.

Nina is no longer with us. She left very suddenly and quickly without realizing what had happened. Elza was the first to notice her pale and yellow appearance: “You have to see a doctor, I do not like your color”, she said and accompanied her to the polyclinic. Nina was hospitalized and sent to Yerevan a week later to be diagnosed. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was not encouraging. She returned and continued her treatment at home. She struggled until the last minute, but the disease won. She passed away on July 18, 2021…