Ofelya H.

The interview took place in May 2019.

Ofelia was born in 1952 in Stepanakert, in a family of intellectuals. Her father worked as an investigator at the police intelligence department, and her mother worked at the theater as a prompter. Three beautiful girls grew up in the family. They had a very happy and sufficient family, and children enjoyed careless infancy. Ofelia was the youngest and most beloved daughter.

Ofelia got her initial education at the Russian school N3 after Griboyedov. After graduating from the secondary school in 1969, she entered Sayat-Nova musical college in Stepanakert. She was sent to Nukhi (Shaki) town in Azerbaijan to work as a specialist after completion in 1972. Three years later, she returned to Stepanakert. In 1976, she joined Komitas Music School in Stepanakert where she worked up to retirement.

Ofelia got married in 1987, however, the marriage failed in 4 months and she had never had any children.

Ofelia retired in 2017 because of age and health issues. She has 50 years of work experience. Her pension is 64,000 drams.

Ofelia has a lot of friends, she is in good relationship with her relatives, her nephew is a lieutenant colonel of the RA Armed Forces, though she does not receive any financial assistance. She says she does not want to bother her relatives. Hanganak is her only assistance. She joined the organization in 2017. She was informed about the organization by her cousin, Rima Aghajanyan, who is also Hanganak’s beneficiary. Hanganak changed a lot in her life; though she has health problems she participates in all the events and expresses her satisfaction every time. She enjoyed the excursion to Amaras greatly. She tries to take part in all the events organized by the organization.

Ofelia lives in her parental two-room apartment. The room is heated with electrical heaters. She pays the bill from her pension and uses Hanganak heating compensation. The food is sufficient for the whole month.

She considers her health condition lower than average, she had a heart surgery and a micro stroke. She has lymphostasis. Hanganak provides Parlazin 10 mg N 30, Concor 5 mg N25, Cardiomagnyl 75 mg N30, the rest she buys herself. She does not attend the polyclinic. She consults with her physician and nurse, Donara Mnatsakanyan.

Ofelia is particularly pleased with Donara, she asks for help any time and Donara always helps her. She is very pleased with the director of the organization, Gohar Hovhannisyan, who makes the life of beneficiaries more colorful.

“Hanganak is a gift granted by God,” says Ofelia.