On March 1st, Hanganak monthly reporting meeting took place

On March 1st, Hanaganak monthly reporting meeting took place. The nurses and social workers submitted reports on their work in accordance with the accepted procedure. The submitted reports were supplemented by the reports of the doctor and the accountant, which compiled the financial and progress monthly reports of the AWWA.

The medical staff introduced the beneficiaries they served, paying special attention to the elderly with serious health problems. The needs of displaced and homeless beneficiaries were discussed.

Social workers served 35 most vulnerable beneficiaries; they have noted that the health condition of beneficiaries did not changed. The implemented work was assessed as satisfactory.

New cases of COVID-19 have been reported. COVID death was registered: Balayan Volodya who has been Hanganak’s beneficiary for 8 years. He was blind and had kidney failure as a consequence of diabetes complications. Volodya received special care from Hanganak and the staff of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Caring Center. Covid did not spare him: Volodya died of severe bilateral Covid pneumonia.

One of the important issues discussed at the meeting was the trip to Yerevan from March 4-6 to attend the training sponsored by FAR and organized by the Association of Healthcare and Assistance to Older People.

A number of other organizational issues were discussed.