Our US compatriots visit Hanganak

Laura and Hermann Purutyan from Boston, MA visited Hanganak today. While visiting Artsakh, they could not help but fulfill Nancy Barsamyan’s request to meet with the staff of the organization. It was a pleasant and heartwarming meeting. They got acquainted with the staff, walked around the office. Program coordinator Lina Grigoryan introduced the ongoing work briefly. They browsed with great pleasure through the book entitled A Life Story presenting the dramatic life stories of the beneficiaries of the Elderly Program. The book also impressed them with the abundance of photos.

To give the guests an idea of ​​the nature and scope of the work being done, Lina presented the beneficiaries’ individual outpatient medical records, which record the beneficiary’s medical history, diagnosis and all visits and prescriptions, individual food and medicine sheets, heating reimbursement receipts, office visits, and patient examinations, telephone call logs and medical and social worker reporting forms. In fact, there was a lot to tell and present to the guests…

The guests were pleasantly surprised by the visit of the beneficiary Slavik P. displaced from Shushi. An interesting conversation took place between them. It turned out that they live in the same hotel and had breakfast in the same hall in the morning. Slavik told his story. The guests told they were in Gandzasar and met a married couple, displaced from Shushi, too. They were Slavik’s good acquaintances. The guests stayed in Artsakh for another day.

They asked about the priority issues facing the beneficiaries in the upcoming future, before saying goodbye. As the weather worsens, the heating problem arises, so the guests were told about the need for heating compensation that is getting critical already.