Planning of Hanganak NGO Staff Trainings for 2022

The first meeting of the monthly online trainings for Hanganak team took place on February 3. It was initially decided to dedicate the meeting to the planning of 2022 courses. Therefore, the meeting was attended by AWWA members who will conduct the courses: Dr. Jane Mahakyan, a psychiatrist-gerontologist and Nancy Barsamyan, a public health specialist, and representatives of Hanganak NGO.

Speaking about the needs of the staff, they concluded that palliative care was not developed in Artsakh and in Armenia. There are few specialists in Armenia, and this is something that is necessary for health care workers, especially the elderly. A number of cases related to the care of beneficiaries suffering from serious illnesses in recent months were discussed. Therefore, it was decided to address palliative care in the courses. These courses can be organized both online and by inviting a specialist.

The courses organized by the Association of Healthcare and Assistance to Older People were also discussed. According to the preliminary agreement, the courses are planned to be organized after mid-February. The training program and schedule should be provided by the organizers in the near future.

At the end, the need to update the Elderly Project Request for Proposal was discussed. It has not been revised since 2017, while it has undergone a number of refinements in recent years that are not reflected in the RFP for the current FY.