President of Hanganak NGO got the first dose of Sputnik V vaccine encouraging the beneficiaries to get vaccinated

During the last coordination meeting of “Hanganak” NGO, the medical staff was asked to present the number of beneficiaries suffering from diabetes mellitus. Thus, 30 out of 300 beneficiaries of “Hanganak” NGO have diabetes, which makes up 10% of the beneficiaries. Of these 30 diabetics, 5 are insulin dependent. Another patient who recently has been diagnosed with renal insufficiency should undergo insulin therapy.

The next issue is the number of registered cases of Covid -19. Thus, a total of 18 cases have been reported since March 2020, of which 16 elderly overcame the disease, and 2 of them, unfortunately, had a lethal outcome.

As a result of the war, the apartments of 17 beneficiaries were damaged, of which 12 apartments were completely restored with state funds, 2 apartments are currently being renovated, and 3 residential houses are impossible to restore.

Vaccination of beneficiaries and staff against Covid 19 is a very important issue. The medical staff was instructed to carry out intensive explanatory work among the beneficiaries and encourage them for vaccination. Today, on June 10, Gohar Hovhannisyan, President of Hanganak NGO, received her first dose of Sputnik V vaccine.