Provision of food and medicine to the beneficiaries of Askeran

On July 19, another visit to Askeran was organized to provide food and medicine to the beneficiaries. With the modest presence of Tatul Shekyan, the provision of aid was quickly organized. Because of the heat, mostly the neighboring beneficiaries showed up. The carefully arranged sheets of paper gradually appeared in a folder to be returned to Hanganak office when completed. The work was going on without excessive commotion, quietly. This style of proper work organization was noticed by one of the sponsors of Shushi’s project, Davit Mkrtchyan, who visited Shushi in 2019 to get to know the beneficiaries. He could not hide his surprise and kept exclaiming: What an organized team!

After finishing the work in Askeran, the team also visited Aygestan to provide food and medicine to two more beneficiaries. The most village heads had already received the packages for their villagers. The food for two beneficiaries in Shosh village was delivered the next day.

If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need help; the doors of Hanganak are always open to you.