Psychological Group Sessions are Ongoing

The year is coming to an end and it is necessary to evaluate the work done and plan further activities.

As we reported earlier, along with providing psychological services, the psychologists of the Empathy Mental Health Center also conducted psycho-diagnostic tests of our beneficiaries. We will present the results of this study in one of our upcoming news. Now let’s just see how the psychological group sessions are going and how to make them more interesting for the participants.

Observing the psychological sessions and asking the participants about the training, it became clear, that they were interested in both group therapy with a psychologist on various topics, and the art therapy in all its forms. Although, a large group of beneficiaries is still not ready to share their feelings and problems with the group, they are very interested in art therapy.

Considering the preferences of the beneficiaries and consulting with AWWA Board Member Margaret Kiladjian, it was decided to increase the number of group sessions up to twice a week. Nevertheless, the psychological sessions will proceed as planned, every Thursday at 14:00pm, and the art therapy will be scheduled for another day: a large group of beneficiaries will be invited, with whom the Hanganak staff will work. In order to work according to the accepted standards, the medical staff of Hanganak must be trained by specialists of the Empathy Mental Health Center. This is a topic that should be discussed with the Empathy Mental Health Center, and expansion of services should be expected only in 2023.

Meanwhile, the psychological consultations continue: if the session on November 17th was devoted to art therapy, then at the next session on November 24th, the participants discussed their childhood and appreciated their Soviet upbringing.

See the details of the last two psychological sessions in the photo series.