Psychological Group Sessions Continue in 2023

On February 23, another psychological group session took place at Hanganak. Every Thursday, the head of the Empathy Mental Health center, Anahit Lalayan, continues to conduct psychological group sessions at the Hanganak office, as announced at the very beginning of the project. The beneficiaries attend to these sessions with pleasure and actively participate in the discussions.

In the last two months of the ongoing blockade, two meetings were canceled due to the lack of heating and electricity. However, in general, psychological sessions are of a regular nature. The tense political situation often dictates the topic of discussion, and one big issue is the fate of Artsakh. At the request of the beneficiaries, Anahit Lalayan at times conducts art therapy courses, which distract the beneficiaries from the negative and stressful everyday life. Sometimes the beneficiaries share their own recipes in the conditions of food shortage and it creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, with humor, cheerful mood, laughter and funny stories.