Psychological group sessions resumed after a month-long break at Hanganak NGO

Last Thursday, after a month-long break, the first psychological group session in May took place at the office of Hanganak NGO. The session began with getting to know the new members of the group. At the suggestion of the psychologist they introduced themselves and shared briefly about themselves. The beneficiaries were delighted with the resumption of sessions. Under the blockade, such meetings are needed more than ever.

The beneficiaries of the organization are extremely pleased with the news that the Elderly Project has been extended until the end of 2023. Most of the beneficiaries have already received the necessary medicines, and some have received them just before the psychological session. They have also noted with excitement that this is a significant support for them.

The doctor suggested discussing the situation in Artsakh. In particular, she asked the participants to share how each of them copes with the blockade and what advice they could give to others to overcome the difficulties they face.

The meeting turned out to be very interesting. The participants actively engaged in the discussions and voiced their opinions on the political situation and the recent incidents.

Enjoy the photo gallery of the psychological session below.