Psychological services are ongoing

Today, July 21, another psychological group session took place. The participants had already gathered and sat comfortably on the chairs arranged in a circle. The number of participants varies at each meeting; however, about 6-7 beneficiaries are always present and actively participate in the discussions.

This time, the specialists prepared special tricks to reveal the participants’ psychological characters, subconscious fears and emotional states; they were offered to the participants in the form of an interactive game. Hanganak NGO staff also participated in the meeting. Very interesting and heated discussions took place. The second part of the meeting was also lively. It was an attention assessment test; everyone actively participated and tried to show maximum results.

At the end, Dr. Lalayan announced that she was going on a 2-week vacation, which meant that her assistant Angelina Mkrtchyan would lead the weekly meetings that had become a habit. The format of the sessions will be slightly different. The participants will have free chat meetings around the tea table.

During the next week, Angelina will also participate in the training of nurses to prepare them for the questionnaire assessment. It is scheduled for August.