Psychological sessions continue in May

So, another Thursday has come that the beneficiaries have been waiting for. It has already become a tradition that the beneficiaries choose a topic for discussion themselves. Based on recent events, the beneficiaries were only concerned about the fate of Artsakh, especially when the authorities of the Republic of Armenia turned against the people of Artsakh and see the future of Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan. It turned out to be an intense and emotional discussion.

The psychologist did an excellent job and tried to turn the explosive topic into the issues of everyday life full of small daily events and joy. The main idea of the session was that the participants were unable to change the course of events, but they could make the moments of life more interesting and harmonious for themselves. And in accordance with the theme, Mrs. Seda brought a cake she had made. She decided to treat the participants of the psychological sessions and the Hanganak team, and brighten the day with her treatment.

The meeting took place in a warm and positive atmosphere. The participants were actively involved both in the discussions and the treatment. Everyone praised the culinary creation of Mrs. Seda, and she promised to bake a bigger cake next time.

Enjoy the photo gallery of the psychological session below.