Psychological sessions continue

Another psychological group training took place on April 28. The classes are open and can be attended by anyone. Of course, the number of participants should not exceed 12 to have the best results, however, we have not faced such an issue yet.

There were seven participants at today’s session and it was decided to engage also the organization’s staff members. On the one hand, almost the entire population of Artsakh needs psychological support, on the other hand, the staff participating in these exercises creates a more intimate environment for the beneficiaries. The idea that people who serve them have worries and problems of their own, and need psychological support, makes beneficiaries more open and flexible, ready to share their problems. This implies good results, as experts assure.

The meeting lasted two hours. Everyone spoke, all the problems of the participants were discussed – social, health, routine, moral, all of them affect their mental state somehow. There were participants that shared cases of human rights violations that caused them severe psychological trauma.

Some of the participants stayed until the end of the working day, some left after the session. Everyone expressed their readiness to take part in the next meetings.

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