Regular AWWA/Hanganak NGO online financial meeting

AWWA/Hanganak regular financial meeting took place on February 16 according to the schedule. The 2022 budget was again on the agenda. Given the lack of funds, it was proposed to make salary cuts.

The need for an electricity generator in the office has been discussed since last year, taking into account the frequent power outages in Stepanakert. Gohar Hovhannisyan presented the preliminary calculation and it was unanimously decided to include it in the 2022 budget.

Next point on the agenda related to the English courses to be organized for the staff of the organization, which would facilitate communication with the US partners. An estimate for 3 team members was presented and included in the 2022 budget.

Considering the inflation in medicine and food, budget estimates were made in accordance with the average expenditures of the last three months that would cover the required medicine and basic nutrients for the beneficiaries.

The upcoming trainings were also discussed. AWWA covers the financing of clinical trainings carried via Zoom, and FAR will cover the training arranged by the Association of  Healthcare and Assistance to Older People.

The 2022 budget has yet to be considered by the AWWA Board and will be operational after final approval from April, 2022.