Regular monthly visit to Askeran to provide food and medicine to the beneficiaries

A visit to Askeran was organized in late April to provide food and medicine to the beneficiaries. As always, Tatul Shekyan was already waiting in the office. The beneficiaries unloaded the car together with the staff of the organization. It was a nice warm spring weather.

The work was organized very quickly. Beneficiaries would occasionally come in and receive their package, after which they would sign the appropriate forms for the food and medicine they received. Each time beneficiaries receive the package; many words of thanks go to the organization’s staff and the benefactors.

A little later, the village heads have also arrived, Tatul had invited them to the office the day before. Everything was very fast and organized. The team had to visit Aygestan after Askeran, where the village head was already waiting for them to accompany to the beneficiaries’ places. The team was about to move when Karen Aghajanyan came to greet the staff of Hanganak. He is a comrade-in-arms of Tatul Shekyan, who generously donated his office to Hanganak for usage.  It was a pleasant surprise for the Hanganak team. When they began to express their gratitude to Karen for his generosity, Karen modestly said, “I am grateful for the help you are giving to the elderly.”

Mher Vanesyan was waiting for the staff of the organization in Aygestan. Mher is very caring for the needy in his community. He pays special attention to the organization’s beneficiaries. He turned to the regional administration to improve the housing conditions of the beneficiaries several times. Hanganak has 2 beneficiaries in Aygestan who really lived in houses in a deplorable state. Both were in dire need of roof repairs. Visiting Edik M., the team was pleasantly surprised that one room of the rooms was renovated. However, Edik complained that the regional administration provided sheets for the roof, but did not provide wood for the reinforcement. Mher promised to do it. Edik is a veteran of the first Artsakh war and, excited by the situation in Armenia, said that he was ready to fight again for the sake of Artsakh and for the sake of Armenia’s future. His house is on a very picturesque hill and he said he would not change his house for anything.

The team then visited Raya A. who was in his garden. Raya’s sister helps her. That way, the two of them can cope with old age more easily. The house is in a deplorable condition, almost in an emergency. Raya was Mher’s teacher and he assured that he would try to solve her problems.

At the end of the day, the staff members returned to Stepanakert. Along the way, they discussed the possibilities of addressing the problems with the roofs.

If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need help, the doors of Hanganak are always open for you.