Romella A.

The interview took place in April 2021.

Romela was born on January 23rd, 1941 in the village of Karmir Gyugh, Askeran region. Her father was the mayor of the village, the mother was a housewife. There were six children growing up in the family, 1 boy and 5 girls. Romela was the second child in the family. After graduating from high school, she got married in 1957 and moved to Stepanakert. She had two sons and a daughter. Unfortunately, the boys were killed in 1992 and 1994 during the Artsakh war.

Romela’s daughter served in the Artsakh Army for 18 years, she was demobilized and recently got a stroke. Now she is bedridden and Romela has to take care of her sick daughter.

Romela’s husband died in 2014 from leg gangrene, due to which he was bedridden for many years and Romela had been taking care of him.

Romela has a long work experience. After moving to Stepanakert, she worked for many years at the Karabakh Silk Factory, then at the Stepanakert Factory of Electrical devices. Her pension is 128,000 AMD, of which 61,000 AMD allocated to her as a mother of killed soldiers.

Romela joined Hanganak in 2008, about which she was informed by acquaintances. She hardly ever visits the City Polyclinic; if necessary she turns to Hanganak’s physician Dr. Lilya Seyranyan. Romela has cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure, as well as a spinal hernia. From the Hanganak Clinic she receives Captopril 50 mg N20, Concor 5 mg N25, Cardiomagnil 75 mg N30, Enalapril 20 mg N30, and she buys the rest herself. She is very pleased with her nurse Marcela Sargsyan, who often calls and visits her and delivers the prescribed medication on time.

The food provided by Hanganak is sufficient for the whole month.

She lives in a three-room apartment, which is heated by electrical heater in winter time. The bill is paid by the heating compensation provided by Hanganak and the rest from her pension.

She thanks the benefactors, the administration of Hanganak and all the staff for easing her life.