Rosa Ts.

The interview took place in April 2021.

Rosa was born on April 18, 1942 in Berdadzor village of Shushi region. Her father was the head of the village collective farm, the mother worked at the school. There were six girls growing up in the family. Rosa was the fifth child.

Rosa has first group disability since childhood. At the age of one, she fell from the second floor. At first glance there were no consequences, but when she started walking, her parents noticed that she was lame and over the years she became disabled. Her parents applied to different doctors, they even took her to Moscow three times, but all the doctors said that it was too late to fix.

After graduating from high school, Rosa decided to enter Stepanakert Medical College, she took the exams, but did not pass the competition. A few months later she started working at the Stepanakert Silk Factory, where she worked until 1985.

Rosa Ts. does not have her own family. She lives in a two-room apartment received during her years at a silk mill. The apartment is heated with gas appliances.

Rosa Ts.’s pension is 49400 drams, of which 9400 is an allowance for lonely pensioners.

She was in Stepanakert during the entire last war.

Rosa has been a beneficiary of the Hanganak NGO Elderly Project since 2004. She suffers from hypertensive disease, arthrosis and arthritis. Hanganak NGO provides her with Captopril 50 mg N20 and Enap H 10 mg N20. She is very pleased with the work of the nurse Marcela Sargsyan, who often comes to her, measures her blood pressure, talks to her, as well as social worker Esmira Gasparyan – Esmira pays utility bills, makes purchases in the store and, in general, helps a lot.

The products received through the Anganak line are enough for Rosa for the whole month.

Rosa Ts. expresses deep gratitude to the entire staff of the Hanganak NGO and benefactors who continues to be with the Armenians of Artsakh in this difficult time, and this is simply priceless on such days.