Rosalya S.

The interview took place in June 2021.

Rosalya was born on July 15th, 1936 in the village of Kavahan, Martuni region. Her father was a carpenter and the mother a seamstress. Her parents had 9 children, but 2 died at a young age. Rosalya was the 9th child of the family.

Rosalya was one year old when the family moved to Stepanakert. After graduating from Stepanakert Secondary School No. 1 in 1953, she entered the Moscow College of Economics, Department of Distance Learning. In parallel with her studies, she started working at the NKR Regional Supply Office as an Assistant Chief Accountant.

In 1962-1994 she worked in the Stepanakert city financial and economic department as a senior economist.

In 1994-1999, she worked as a chief economist in the state insurance department.

Wherever she has worked, she has always stood out with her intelligence and diligence, enjoying the love and respect of the managers.

In 1999 Rosalya was retired, however, she continued to work at the Stepanakert State Archive from 2000-2015 as an assistant to the head of the department, as her work experience and advice were valued in every field.

Rosalya got married in 1957 but had no children. Her husband passed away in 2012. She was left alone after her husband died.

She lives in a two-room apartment, which is heated by electricity in winter.

Her pension is 76000 AMD, of which 9400 AMD as a single pensioner benefit.

Rosalya has been a beneficiary of Hanganak NGO since 2015. She suffers from hypertension. From the Hanganak clinic she receives Concor 5 mg N25, Triplexam 10 mg N10, Cardiomagnil 75 mg N30. She does not attend the city polyclinic. If necessary she turns to Hanganak’s physician Dr. Lilya Seyranyan.

She is very pleased with the Hanganak staff and expresses her deepest gratitude to the benefactors and the Hanganak staff who continue their charity in these difficult days.