Rozalya B.

The interview took place in September 2018.

This fragile lady is Rozalya B.. She was born in 1927 in Stepanakert. She received her education in Stepanakert. After graduating from elementary school she graduated from Stepanakert Medical College. She has worked as a senior nurse at the surgical department of a republican hospital for over 30 years. Once she was considered one of the best nurses in town.

She has been Hanganak NGO’s beneficiary since its foundation (2004). She was accepted to Hanganak based on the list of single elderly people provided by the Municipality.

Rozalya’s personal life was not as successful as her career. She got divorced after an unhappy marriage. She does not have any children. Rozalya lives in her father’s house and monthly pension is 67000 AMD that is insufficient.

The house is heated electrically. Hanaganak NGO and her nephew share the expenses.

She is bedridden now. Hanganak’s social workers and a nurse provided by her nephew are taking care of her. She is in bad health condition as she is suffering from leg gangrene. Hanganak NGO provides all the medication.

She lived happily when she was young. However, she advises all the young people to create their families in time.

Hanganak NGO gave a new coloring to her life. She is thankful to everybody for care.

“Let all our benefactors be healthy, let Ms. Hovhannisyan and her team be lucky”, she says.