Summarizing the results of psychological group sessions for 2022

On December 29, the last meeting of the year with the psychologist was held at the Hanganak office.

Let us recall that since January 2022, the head of the Empathy Mental Health Center, a psychotherapist, Ph.D., Dr. Anahit Lalayan received an offer from the Hanganak NGO to provide psychological services for the beneficiaries of the organization, and immediately started preparatory work with her team. A plan of necessary services was developed, the course schedule and the program was drawn up. Simultaneously with the provision of services, it was proposed to conduct a study among the beneficiaries to assess their mental state, the level of depression and, taking into consideration the military-political situation in Artsakh, the severity of anxiety disorders.

Psychological services started with group sessions. The beneficiaries attended the psychological sessions every Thursday at 14:00. The sessions were mainly conducted by Dr. Anait Lalayan. The number of participants varied from 6 to 12, sometimes more. It was decided that the group will be open, those who want can join the sessions as desired.

Thus, summing up the year, in order to evaluate the work done, the psychologist suggested the beneficiaries to tell at this meeting about the changes that have happened to them: their human contacts, social life, mental state and anxiety disorders, how they changed as a result of the sessions. She indicated in advance that the changes could be positive or negative, as they themselves would assess their mental state.

The last meeting of this year was held at the tea table in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. It was more like a trustful conversation than a session. The staff of Hanganak also participated. It was an interesting conversation. At the end it turned into a discussion of the political situation. And it could not be otherwise on the 18th day of the blockade of Artsakh.

At the end of the meeting, the participants thanked Anahit Lalayan, noting that they would be looking forward to the next meeting in 2023.