Svetlana A.

The interview took place in August 2018.

Svetlana A.was born on March 9th, 1940 in Stepanakert. She received her primary education at Stepanakert N1 Sisters’ school, and then continued her education at N2 Secondary school. She got married while she was a student.

Her husband was kind and caring, they lived happily. They had two children and both died. They adopted a girl some time later. Her husband died. Her daughter does not accept her mother who had taken care of her.

She had lived in Stavrapol, RF before 2006. She got a stroke there. She joined Hanganak in 2008. Her neighbor Zabela Stepanyan who was Hanganak’s beneficiary, told her about Hanganak NGO. Svetlana owns nothing. She lives in her father’s house that belongs to her brother.

Her monthly pension is 55000 AMD that is not enough to meet her needs. Hanganak NGO and her brother are her circles of salvation.

Her health condition is below the average; she has got a stroke for two times and had a heart stenting. Hanganak NGO provides part of her medicine, the other part is provided by her brother.

The flat is heated electrically. Hanganak NGO and her brother pay for the electricity.

“Hanganak NGO is my second home. I do not know what would have happened to me if I didn’t join this rescue organization”.

I express my gratitude to our donators, and to the whole Hanganak’s team. Thanks to everybody!