The beneficiaries of Hanganak are provided with food by international organizations

Hanganak has been cooperating with other organizations for a long time. The organization has cooperated with government institutions since its establishment. Having gained wide recognition and reputation over time, Hanganak has received cooperation offers from various local and international organizations. Being a reliable partner, the organization has acquired close and loyal friends on behalf of these organizations. That cooperation is most demanded in the critical and difficult moments for the country, when the socially insecure beneficiaries face new challenges. It is not a coincidence that our old friends appeared in the right place and at the right time being informed about the organization’s temporary financial difficulties.

The organization has started providing emergency food to the beneficiaries. It should be noted that the food does not replace the organization’s planned monthly food provision; it only fills the time gap caused by a number of unforeseen technical reasons.

Next week, a visit to Askeran is also planned to deliver the food provided by international organizations to the beneficiaries. Upcoming news will be dedicated to Askeran’s visit.

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If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need help, the doors of Hanganak are always open to you.