The Elderly Project Continues its Activities in Armenia

Due to the lack of a permanent office and storage facilities for medicines and food, the Hanganak employees face extreme difficulties while working.  After an order is placed for food products, they promptly arrange for delivery of the limited quantity packages, which arrive from the warehouse the following day.

On Friday, the Hanganak team received the food products from the warehouse, which were intended to be distributed to the beneficiaries of the Ararat Marz. The same day, the team promptly set out for Artashat to deliver the food staff, where they had the pleasure of meeting Marcela Sargsyan, the nurse responsible for Ararat Marz. She had arranged the expected visit with the beneficiaries living in Artashat and the four nearby villages beforehand. We had planned to visit eight beneficiaries to provide them with food and necessary medication. Marcela will continue to deliver food, medicine, and medical services to the remaining 21 beneficiaries living in the Ararat Marz over the next few days.

So, we met with all 8 beneficiaries, most of whom were living in rented accommodations with their relatives or neighbours who had also been resettled from Artsakh.  Only Tikin Larisa, displaced from Taghavard after the 44-day war, and our beneficiary since 2021, has found temporary housing in a small room at the House of Culture in Artashat, which she shares with a Russian woman from Shushi.

The spacious hall of the House of Culture was also provided to the people of Artsakh, but having no living conditions, it served only as a temporary accommodation until these people found suitable housing for themselves. More than 50 people from Artsakh lived there for about two months. Now the only people left there are Tikin Larisa, the Russian woman, and a young woman living in the next room, who, as we were told, has psychological problems. They were told to vacate their rooms by March.

Overall, the picture was very depressing. Almost all the beneficiaries were depressed and desperate. But there is something very bright in all this: the families who accepted them into their families take very good care of them.

We are going to give all detail about our visits in a separate series, which we have called “Stories of forcibly displaced people of Artsakh”.

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