The First Meeting of 2024 at the FAR Office

The Elderly Project has been launched in the Republic of Armenia since January. The nurses have started to carry out their home visits, and the doctor visited the beneficiaries who needed individual attention and prescribed appropriate medications. The list of medicines needed by the beneficiaries is already ready. In brief, everything is being done as it has been done in Artsakh for 20 years, but now under new conditions, which, naturally, has led to new problems that require urgent solutions. In particular, the organization must have a certificate/license from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia for the purchase and provision of medicines. In order to have a license, we must have an office and appropriate conditions for storing medicines. To provide primary medical care, the medical staff of the organization must have the appropriate qualifications in accordance with the standards of the credit system of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia. And there’s more to come… Of course, all these problems can be solved, but the needs of the beneficiaries must already be met.

To find a solution to these and a number of other issues, the Hanganak non-governmental charity organization turned to Hambardzum Simonyan, the Healthcare Program Manager of the FAR.

On the same day, 16 January, Hambardzum Simonyan met with the officials of Hanganak at the FAR office. The results of the meeting exceeded our expectations. We have received answers to all our questions and our upcoming news will be dedicated to that.

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