The meeting has started with the words of appreciation for the work Hanganak staff performs

A regular meeting of the Armenian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) and Hanganak team took place on September 4th.  Representatives of both organizations took active participation. Tsolin Saryan, as we have already informed earlier, is leaving for Armenia on September 17.

The meeting was chaired as usual by AWWA / ANRC Executive Director Scott Ariel, who opened the meeting with the words of appreciation for Hanganak team. In particular, he noted that he was very impressed by Hanganak website, professional approach applied in publishing photographs and materials. He added with humor that even the AWWA site cannot compete with Hanganak website in this respect.

During all the recent discussions, one of the priority issues was water supply in Stepanakert. For several days now, since Wednesday, Hanganak office did not have running water. The municipality is solving the problem through the Ministry of Emergency Situations. They hope that the issue of regular water supply will be resolved in the coming days. The latter is comparatively regulated now and almost 80-85% of the population has running water.

One of the achievements of recent days is the possibility of cooperation with the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) and the Armenian Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology. The group discussed the possibility of organizing training courses for Hanganak’s medical personnel.

When the coordinator of the Program for the Elderly, Lina Grigoryan was asked how many beneficiaries might have problems with heating during the winter months, she replied that about 24 beneficiaries used firewood, and they would certainly have difficulties, since during the war most of the forests were captured by the enemy. In addition, the issue of uninterrupted gas and electricity supply has not been resolved yet.

A number of organizational issues were also discussed at the end.