The results of patient management by the Hanganak medical staff were highly appreciated

A regular monthly clinical meeting via Zoom took place in April. The meeting was dedicated to the discussion of clinical cases. The medical staff of the organization prepared two cases for discussion. The discussion was moderated by AWWA members Jane Mahakyan and Nancy Barsamyan.

The first clinical case was Nadezhda G’s, who has been Hanganak NGO’s beneficiary for more than 7 years. The organization’s doctor Lilya Sargsyan and nurse Elizaveta Sargsyan provided Nadezhda’s medical care. Nurse Elizaveta Sargsyan presented the case in detail that was considered an example of successful medical care. The patient has kidney pathology and hypertension and receives relevant medicine from the organization. Appropriate medical care has resulted in good physical and mental state. The results of all medical examinations of the patient are within the range. Regulated blood pressure and blood test results are satisfactory. Jane Mahakyan and Nancy Barsamyan have praised the treatment and the wonderful results.

The next case was presented by Lina Grigoryan, who leads Aida M. together with Dr. Lilya Sargsyan. Aida was deported from Shushi. She suffers from systemic joint disease and hypertension. Quite expensive medicine is needed for the treatment of Aida’s diseases, which is fully provided by the organization. The moderators Jane Mahakyan and Nancy Barsamyan were pleasantly surprised, as Aida was present at the discussion and communicated with them. This case can also be considered a successful example, as the results have been satisfactory. Aida expressed her gratitude to the organization’s medical staff and program sponsors for making her life easier.

In the end, Nancy Barsamyan suggested presenting two challenging cases for the upcoming meeting in May to be able to find solutions by joint efforts. Next meeting is to be held in the first week of May.