The results of the first experimental psychological test during the group session

The next psychological group session took place on May 12. As discussed at the previous meeting, participants should have been tested for depression, which has been developed by professionals as a tool for self-assessment of their mental state and diagnosis of depression. The test has been translated into many languages, adapted and validated in different cultures. It helps to assess the level of depression in patients and determine the degree of depressive disorder.

Thus, the participants were first introduced to the test and, with their consent to participate in the test, the questionnaires were distributed. It is important to save the date, as the same test should be performed at least 2 months later to compare the test results to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

The elderly took part in the test with pleasure and discussed the questions aloud, even though it contradicted the self-assessment procedure. It was pleasant to see most of the participants in the office despite the torrential rain; they were very active in the session. A new participant joined who was also displaced from Shushi.

May 12 is the International Nurses’ Day and an event was planned for nurses immediately after the psychological session. Arriving at the office, they also engaged in discussions and, impressed by the work of professionals, expressed a desire to participate in the weekly group sessions. The experts did not object to the inclusion of new participants.

Evaluating the test results, the experts noted that most of the participants had moderate depression, which required treatment.