The Summary of Trainings Organized for Hanganak Personnel

The long-awaited courses were over; however, it is essential to continue them out of necessity.

As previously discussed, the trainings were organized by the joint efforts of the Association of Healthcare and Assistance to Older People and the Fund for Armenian Relief with a specifically designed educational program tailored to the needs of the staff of the organization.

The trainings took place from March 4 to 6 in the comfortable office of the Association of Healthcare and Assistance to Older People. The training included 15 academic hours of skills and knowledge development courses provided through A Caregiver School’s educational program and a pilot program called “Establishment of a Geriatric Room Prototype”. The aim of the training was to raise awareness about geriatrics and gerontology, to develop special skills and knowledge of specialists caring for the elderly.

Caregivers school training for Artsakh dwelling older adults

The School, with its rich experience and highly qualified trainers, was able to provide specific theoretical knowledge, as well as introduce essential skills to care for the elderly, in a short period. The pre-designed program took into account the diversity of the participants: nurses, doctors, social workers; a paramedic from Askeran region also participated. Psychologist Lilit Muradyan, doctor, care specialist Zaruhi Hayrbabamyan and therapist, care specialist Larisa Mkhitaryan did an excellent job.

The training was conducted according to the principles of adult education: theoretical lectures, interactive practical trainings with the main emphasis on experience, analysis of case studies, discussions. The geriatric office, with its comfortable equipment, was transformed into an educational laboratory within the framework of the course, in which the participants had the opportunity to be acquainted with a number of inpatient care skills (bed rest prevention positions, transfer skills, etc.).

Based on the pre-test and post-test assessment, the training resulted in a 2.5 time improvement of knowledge. The participants evaluated the efficiency of the training with the highest 10 points on a 10-point scale.

Hanganak NGO is looking forward to host the team of “A Caregiver School” in Stepanakert in summer to continue the training.

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