The Visit of Hanganak to the Armavir Marz

After visiting the Ararat marz, the next planned visit was to the Armavir marz. The responsible healthcare provider of Armavir Marz is Tatul Shekyan. In Artsakh, he was responsible for the Askeran region, and now as he lives in the village of Lernagog, Armavir marz of Armenia, he willingly has taken on this responsible work.

For one week in early January, he visited all 20 beneficiaries who had been forcibly displaced from Artsakh and found accommodation in the Armavir marz. Among them were also people displaced from the Askeran region. After conducting a preliminary needs assessment, he provided a list of the necessary medications. On January 30th, the Hanganak team received the necessary batch of food and medicines from the warehouse and set out for Armavir.

We made 8 visits in Armavir and all 8 beneficiaries live in rented accommodations alone or with their relatives, who were also displaced from Artsakh. The impressions were as overwhelming as in Ararat region. People feel depressed and desperate.

Five out of eight beneficiaries suffer from hypertension and one has diabetes. Since the beneficiary has not yet been fully examined at the district polyclinic, she has not yet received anti-diabetic medicines, so Hanganak provided her with Diabeton, which she has been taking for 5 years now, and later she will receive anti-diabetic medicines from the district polyclinic. Only one of the 8 examined beneficiaries was practically healthy, although she complained of insomnia and anxiety.

We have decided to invite a psychologist to our upcoming visit. The psychological services will be provided by specialists from the Association of Healthcare and Assistance to Older People.

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