Those endowed with boundless love and kindness

Everyone knew her as Sevo. We thought it was the abbreviation of her name, probably either Sveta or Seville. However, it turned out that her last name was Sevyan. She did not come alone, she came with Rebecca. Rebecca approached me and said slowly.

– She is alone, she has already retired, she has not been working for a long time…

We definitely knew Sevo. She became our beneficiary or rather our family member. And she remained for us as Sevo like before…

Even though it is a rare phenomenon nowadays to meet good and kind people, they still exist. Sevo was an exceptionally kind and forgiving person. She spoke about people who mistreated her with kindness, as if it had happened in a past life and it did not concern her, it was all gone for good.

If she loved someone, she loved with complete devotion. She had girlfriends who had her support throughout their lives. She was devoted to them, their families and children. She used to speak about these children as her own, and everyone knew that Sevo took care of them, reached out when they needed help.

Sevo never had a family of her own, but for many she was a family member and felt like a member of those families. She was devoted, loving, helping. One day she needed that help herself and few were beside her. A person reached out and Sevo anchored her last hope.

Sevo had many health problems, but most of all she was suffering from hearing loss. It bothered her a lot and isolated her from people. The hearing problem was age-related. She felt that her hearing was deteriorating long ago, or rather she realized that there was a rustling in her ears, from which she began to hear poorly. The rustling grew louder and deafening. She had to see a doctor and relied on that special person.  Her name was Mrs. Rita Sargsyan.

We spoke about kindness, we said it has become a rarity, and our story is based solely on kindness. We told about Sevo and reached another exceptionally kind person, Mrs. Rita Sargsyan. One can only wonder how she was able to find time for each and everyone. She did not forget our Sevo. She found time and met her for several times. Every time she visited Stepanakert, Sevo happened to know the news and looked for a meeting with her. She was very attached to her hometown. Mrs. Rita never avoided such meetings despite her busy schedule.

“Rita said I would go to see the best specialist in Yerevan,” she said, her eyes shining with joy.

Then she travelled to Yerevan and was examined by a leading specialist of one of the leading clinics. They did all the necessary examination. Unfortunately, Sevo was diagnosed with a very complicated disease requiring surgery that was not performed in Armenia and, as the specialist said, the statistics are very contradictory. The doctor prescribed treatment, assuring that the condition would be relieved and hearing would improve to some extent.

Sevo returned relieved. She said that treatment helped. She continued her meetings with Mrs. Rita. Each time she returned from those meetings, she narrated in great detail what she had treated or gifted, or what they had talked about. She just lived with those rare meetings. Once Mrs. Rita organized her vacation in one of the best sanatoriums. Sevo was telling about her wonderful vacation for a long time.

We were all happy for Sevo, but it remained a mystery to us what these two women could have in common as they lived in such different worlds. However, when you start analyzing, you discover a lot in common. Both were very positive, cheerful and optimistic. They both loved life and people. Loving life and people, they tried to help people by making life easier for them, of course, each in her own way. Although they loved life so much, they both left very soon, leaving a bright mark in the hearts of all of us…

When you try to understand again the connection between the first lady of the country and this socially vulnerable woman, you see a simple human description – the boundless love and kindness that they noticed in each other and that brought them closer in the whirlpool of life. Sevo left, not knowing that her beloved person Mrs. Rita would have such a tragic end…