Traveling Doctors of Armenia Continue to Support Hanganak

Our friendship started in October 2022 when one of the beneficiaries of Hanganak needed a blood transfusion, but there was no appropriate blood in Artsakh. Thanks to Armine Barkhudaryan, the founder and CEO of “Traveling Doctors of Armenia,” the required blood was made available in just a few hours and the beneficiary’s life was saved. This marked the beginning of a friendship between the two organizations. It’s worth noting that Dr. Nancy Barsamian, who is responsible for the clinical part of the Elderly Project, made this acquaintance possible. Just a month later, the Traveling Doctors of Armenia team arrived in Artsakh.

On November 19, 2022, they conducted a medical check-up and consultation for more than 50 beneficiaries at the Hanganak office. Armine’s team worked tirelessly from morning to late evening to accomplish their noble mission that day. Before leaving, they promised to come back to Artsakh in a few months to examine more beneficiaries. Unfortunately, this was followed by a blockade of Artsakh and then the forced exodus of the Artsakh population.

Under the new circumstances, Hanganak continues to care for its beneficiaries. However, there are times when it is hard to overcome difficulties alone. In such cases, we remember those who once lent us a helping hand, took concrete steps instead of empty promises, and came to our assistance.

Recently, one of our beneficiaries was hospitalized with severe pulmonary pathology. After intensive treatment, her condition improved, but prior to discharge, she was warned that treatment should be continued at home and, most importantly, she should be given oxygen, since without oxygen saturation drops. Her relatives appealed to Hanganak with a request to provide an oxygen concentrator.

And the management of Hanganak again turned to Dr. Armine Barkhudaryan. As in 2022, the issue was resolved as soon as possible and our beneficiary was discharged home with a modern oxygen concentrator.

We express our deep gratitude to the Travel Doctors of Armenia team and personally to Armine Barkhudaryan for once again lending us a helping hand.

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